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Members of the Thomsen Lab

Principal Investigator

Gerald H. Thomsen

Our Model Animals

Xenopus laevis
Xenopus tropicalis

Nematostella vectensis
Visiting Scholar

PatDr. Patricia Bossert
- Effects of Lipoic Acid on Nematostella regeneration.

Postdoctoral Fellows/Associates

Yasuno Yasuno Iwasaki
- Splicing regulation of early development.

Bill Bill Gillis
- Signaling modifiers in Xenopus development.

Matt Matthew P. Dunn
- Stem cells in regeneration of Nematostella.

Graduate Students

Gina Gina Sorrentino
- Conservation of SMAD function in Metazoa.

Francesca Francesca Nakagawa
- TRAF4 in Mesoderm Formation

Dong-HyukDong-Hyuk Ki
- Signaling modifiers in Xenopus development.

JaminaJamina Oomen-Hajagos
- Untitled Cool evo-devo project.

Rotation Students

Image Not Available Samema Sarowar
- Lab Monkey for Gina
Image Not Available Andrew Taibi
- Lab Monkey for Matt
Rotation Students are always welcome here!
Undergraduate Students

Image Not Available Jaclynn Chen
- General Lab Monkey

Image Not Available Mary-Catherine Skoulos
- General Lab Monkey

Former Lab Members

Youngja Lee
Lidia Sobkow
Evguenia M Alexandrova
Chong-Yon Park
Arif Kirmizitas
Tuzer Kalkan
Rob Gersch
Elizabeth M Callery
Haitao Zhu
Marko E. Horb
Shin-ichiro Nishimatsu

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